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mz_prodigette's Journal

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Ms Lilywater
9 April
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I'm a genderfluid pan black fangirl, hopeless romantic, dangerous mind and activist that's just a Southern girl with a big imagination.

"For once there was an unknown land, full of strange flowers and subtle perfumes, a land of which it is joy of all joys to dream, a land where all things are perfect and poisonous." ~ From Velvet Goldmine

Ororo/Storm just IS</center>

a perfect circle, activism, afro punk, afropunk, alexander, amy winehouse, angel the series, angels, animated series, anime, ares/joxer, art, baseketball, bassnectar, batman, batman begins, batman beyond, batman/superman, better than chocolate, big wolf on campus, billie holiday, body art, body modifications, bonfires, boy meets world, boy meets world slash, boyband slash, brandon routh, bruce/terry, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, challenges, chris evans, clark/chloe, clark/lex, clothes making, comics, concerts, cory/shawn, cosmetics, cowboy bebop, dark beauty, david beckham, dean winchester, diamonds, disturbed, dorian gray, electronic music, ella fitzgerald, fake, fandom, fanfiction, fashion, flirting, freelance makeup artist, freelance writing, girl meets world, glitter goth, hercules, hiking, homerotica, improving, james marsters, jenna jameson, jewelry, justice league unlimited, kevin/aj, kickboxing, korn, lipgloss, lord of the rings, lost, magick, makeup, makeup artist, makeup artistry, manga, matt/ben, men in makeup, movie slash, nature, nkotb, paganism, parties, photography, pin up, pin up modeling, poetry, pretty boys, punk, punk music, rare pairings, rare slash, real person slash, sam/dean, saywer/sayid, sean/nick, shanghai noon, sign language, slam poetry, slash fanfiction, smallville, social justice, soundgarden, spike/xander, spirituality, steve/tony, supernatural, the 90's, the avengers, the forsaken, the lost boys, the rain, the vampire chronicles, vampires, velvet goldmine, walking, writing, x-files, xena, yaoi, yoga

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